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home glass scratch removal


There are several things that cause window scratches at home. It can be a physical impact, harsh weather, dust mites, and improper maintenance and cleaning.


At Melbourne Glass Scratch Removal our team of highly trained and fully capable experts provides professional home glass scratch removal services throughout both Inner Melbourne and Greater Melbourne. 

We can help remove both light scratches and deep scratches, acid stains, and watermarks, by using a range of skills and techniques. We can confidently restore your windows to their original condition. 


Our work involves restoring glass quickly and affordably without damaging the surrounds and frames. This helps you save money as a result of not having to opt for glass replacement.


Our techniques have been refined and fine-tuned over two decades, and we use the most cutting-edge equipment. You can be confident that your glass will be in safe hands. 


We remove scratches from the following glass surfaces:


  • Single pane windows

  • Double glazed windows

  • Glass sliding doors

  • Toughened glass

  • Mirrors

  • Kitchen Splashbacks 

  • Shower screens

  • Glass balustrades

  • Glass pool fencing

  • Fish Tanks 


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Step by Step Guide


Connect with us for an Inspection Appointment

You can let us visit for an inspection by first calling us and making an appointment. You can also submit an online inquiry with details for a free quote.


Get a Trusted Expert Assessment

The trained and qualified technician from Melbourne Glass Scratch Removal will check the condition and depth of your scratches and then determine the steps to be taken and costs involved. 


Work on a Range of Options

There is a full range of services that we will then list down that can work, for you to pick from.

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