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Mirror glass scratch removal

Image by Jovis Aloor

Are you looking for a mirror glass scratch removal service ?


We understand that a mirror not only offers functional benefits but is also an important design element. The reflective effect of the mirror also makes spaces appear brighter. However, over time, you may notice scratches or marks in the mirror. Such damages may result unintentionally due to the cleaning process used or due to impact from an object.


Melbourne Glass Scratch Removal offers a fully flexible and mobile service throughout Inner and Greater Melbourne. We have 20 years experience polishing scratches out of glass on all types of glass including mirrors. Our specialists can restore a range of mirrored surfaces using our gentle yet effective buffing wheels, including bathroom mirrors, elevator mirrors, toilet mirrors, antique mirrors, wall mirrors, and mirrors on stands.


We use only the most effective polishing methods and techniques in combination with the right equipment and products. This will ensure that you get a crystal clear finish which restores the condition and appearance of the car glass. We polish even the deepest scratches out so that the glass looks brand new. With our services, you can be sure that the structural integrity of the mirror will be maintained.

Step by Step Guide


Connect with us for an Inspection Appointment

You can let us visit for an inspection by first calling us and making an appointment. You can also submit an online inquiry with details for a free quote.


Get a Trusted Expert Assessment

The trained and qualified technician from Melbourne Glass Scratch Removal will check the condition and depth of your scratches and then determine the steps to be taken and costs involved. 


Work on a Range of Options

There is a full range of services that we will then list down that can work, for you to pick from.

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